Body-worn video
- Technical Guidance

Procedures and Guidelines

Document Description

Body-worn video technical guidance 2014 Technical guidance that highlights the key issues for those interested in purchasing and deploying body-worn video (BWV) recording devices.

BWVSG Guide for large scale BWV programme Draft Sep 2013 BWVSG Guide for large scale BWV programme – Draft Sep 2013

Primer on body worn cameras for law enforcment 2012 U.S. Department of Justice Primer on Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement 2012

CCTV Code of Practice June 2013 Home Office issued “Surveillance Camera Code of Practice”, in effect from 12/08/2013.

CCTV Code of Practice 2008 Data Protection Revised edition 2008 (Information Commissioner’s Office)

Police BWV Guidance July 2007 Police and Crime Standards Directorate (Home Office)

Non-Police BWV Guidance Guidance for non-police use of body worn video cameras

Home Office Digital Imaging guidance 53_07 Publication No. 53/07(HOSDB)

CCTV Licensing and Use of body worn video (See Appendix 2)Security Industry Authority (2009)

Home Office Digital Imaging Procedure Nov ’07 Publication No. 58/07 (HOSDB)

Police BWV Policy Document A template policy document for police use of body worn video

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