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Hampshire Police Take A Step Closer To Equipping Every Officer With Body Cameras

Hampshire Police have been using body cameras since 2008, equipping front line officers with technology that has transformed their day to day jobs. The Home Office has recently awarded a sum of money to Hampshire for the further roll out of body worn video across their front line.


Hampshire’s Chief Constable Andy Marsh, who is the national policing lead for body worn video, said: “Body-worn video can contribute to policing in many ways, not least as a piece of kit that supports and improves cases going to court – really telling the story of what has happened in a way many juries may not have appreciated before.”

Chief Inspector Gavin McMillan of Hampshire is equally positive about the roll out of the cameras. On an earlier occasion he said “We’ve had body worn video equipment in over the past 5 years, and as the technology has advanced we have been able to obtain what we consider is the most advanced equipment out there on the market for police use and police officers who use them will be able to capture evidence and footage of any incidents that they go to.”

A Hampshire frontline officer said of the body camera: “it’s a lot better, it’s a lot more compact, lightweight. I think a real advantage of the kit is the back office system that’s come with it – it’s a lot less bureaucratic, officers are just able to plug it in and go afterwards, and that empowers us to be able to be out on the street fighting crime where we need to be.”

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